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    How to launch SWF from an HTML hyperlink

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -

      I have a completed Flash (AS2) project that's pretty involved.  Now, I need to launch it from a hyperlink on an html page.  I want the hyperlink to launch the ".app" or ".exe" file - not the html that Flash publishes.  I don't want the user to view the project in an html/browser window but rather as its standalone projector/exe.


      I tried a regular hyperlink like this:

      <a href="FLASH/GUIDE.app">Flash for Mac</a>

      ...but that doesn't launch the .app.  Instead I got a browser screen showing the path to the app inside the "FLASH" folder.  The app is viewed as a folder named "GUIDE.app".  (weird)  So I surmise that a regular hyperlink isn't going to do the job.


      How do I launch a Flash projector or executable file from a hyperlink on a separate HTML page?


      TIA your expertise.