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    Low memory message PRE8 on win 7.


      I have a problem with version 8 running windows 7. I use a dual 2.77 zeon processors with a raid zero config on two SCSI 15k 40 gig hard drives. I nowhere even get near any limit of processor, ram (4 gig 34 bit) or hard drive space. I close all the unnecessary services down to about 43. I don't even have to open a project just the program and I still get the memory message, then it just quits. At that point I am only using 1.2 gig of ram, 30 gig of Raid zero hard drive space left and 1.2% of processor use. Yes i did all the Nvidia and windows upgrades and the patch. I did it twice just to make sure it took.I use O&O to defrag disk off line. Sometimes the program perm 7 just shuts down without a warning.The puter still running just fine.

      Video card is Nvidia GeForce 6200 512 ram.


      It will do this with just 5 jpeg pics of 3meg loaded. I have managed to even burn a disk after about 18 restarts. It will play video frams just fine if it will stay running long enough.


      I believe I looked everywhere in my setup and stats to no avail for a "low memory" problem.


      Thanks in advance...