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    RH 6 - Publish error = corruption?


      I'm getting a strange error when I try to publish a previously published project.


      Warning: Failed to publish to "testTNV". reason: Cannot load xml data: MZ¸ ÀÆ„$ ÿÿÿÃU‹ìì( Yt
      hˆM GV&#141;MøQ&#141;MìQ‹MüPèçèÿÿ;ƉEôuZ;þt ŠE Oˆ ;Þt ;ßs ‹u Æ $ ÿ  &#129;d&#129; °_utputDebugStringA<ƒ.


      There are 2 things that could have happened.  We had a symantec client installed on the machine and perhaps it overwrote something.

      Someone has been in IIS and perhaps they changed something.  When I open the project it looks fine.  I get files from source control and I can save to source control.  I can generate but the publish fails with the above error message.


      If I copy the generated project over to the server it looks fine in the browser.  So what could it be?  And how can I restore it back so it'll publish from RH?


      Please help.