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    Trial version expired prematurely

    Miguel-F Level 3

      I downloaded and installed the trial version of CF Builder last week.  That same day, after using Builder successfully for a bit, my computer crashed.  I am not blaming this on Builder.  My issue is that ever since my computer crashed, when I run Builder it tells me that my trial version has expired and to enter a valid serial number.  I have tried un-installing and re-installing but of course that doesn't help.  Does anybody know how I can get my trial period back to what it should be so I can actually try it out? 

      I realize that this may seem like a lame excuse to get some free software use, but I promise it isn't.  I really have no clue what happened to cause this.  The other software on my machine seems to be working okay.  And, yes, I have checked my system time and it is current.

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          12Robots Level 4

          Dude, that sucks.  Unfortunately, you are likely out of luck. If there was a way to reset the evaluation, then people would be exploiting that regularly.  Most software will not allow you to reset the evaluation regardless of whether or not the expiration was legit.  I have seen this with many programs.


          The one thing you could try would be to set your system clock back and see if that helps. Your system time may be correct now, but are you positive it was when you installed CFB?  Maybe it was, I don't know. But it is worth a shot (unless you are running other evaluation software. Messing with the system clock could cause you issues with other programs on your system).


          If possible, perhaps you could install a virtual machine (using an evaluation copy of Windows Server or something) and then install CFB on there for your trial period.  I know it is less than ideal, but when bad luck strikes, we sometimes need to make compromises.



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            Miguel-F Level 3

            Yes, I figured it was a long shot but thought I would post anyway.  I was also curious if this had happened to anyone else.  I have been using Dreamweaver for years but have only played with Eclipse off and on.  It seems that Builder is the way to go now so I was looking to get more involved with it this time around.  Luckily the company I work for has agreed to buy a license so I will just wait for that to come and use it then.