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    Importing Jpg files to PE9, that used to work in PE8


      Hi all


      Since upgrading to PE9 from PE8 all of my projects are now corrupt and I can’t import the still images that I used to be able to in PE8 as it now says that it is to large an image.  I have checked the project settings which are 1080i full HD and which worked on PE8, the image is only 5184 by 3456 pixels (jpg) and as I said worked fine on PE8.  Also on Photoshop elements 9 it can’t recognise some of my raw files even after installing the latest raw codec file.  Again these raw files were imported, edited and converted to jpg in PE8.


      At the moment I wish I had never bothered moving to PE9 as all it has done is messed things up. Is anyone else having these sorts of issues?