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    Error invoking CFC: the argument passed to the function is not of type numeric.

    dsmith Level 1

      Hello all:


      This cfselect bind works great:


      <cfselect name="frm3" id="frm3" bind="cfc:testRequests.get_Rates({frm2})" bindonload="false" value="rate" display="rate" />


      The get_Rates function takes one numeric argument, and the bind works properly.


      If I update the get_Rates function to take a 2nd numeric argument, and then try this:


      <cfselect name="frm3" id="frm3" bind="cfc:testRequests.get_Rates({frm2},{frm1})" bindonload="false" value="rate" display="rate" />


      I get the error: "Error invoking CFC: the argument ID passed to the function get_Rates is not of type numeric"


      Argument frm1 IS numeric, because I'm using it elsewhere and that bind work properly.


      But now, the frm2 param looks like it is being read as an empty string, but when it was the only argument, it worked fine.


      The strange thing is, the select box *does* update properly, after I click ok to get past the error.


      Can anyone shed some light on what's happening?


      Thank you kindly!