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    Dynamic sizing of a component to fit the content

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      How can I make my component so that it will be dynamically sized to fit the content height?  I would like to create a component that will have a variable height.  It has a serious of user input controls.  Depending on the answers given, more input from the user may be necessary--specifically, they will have to provide an explanation in a textbox.


      So, my thinking is that I don't want to display the textbox unless they answer "yes" to any questions that require additional explanation.  If they do, then I want display the TextArea control along with instructions to enter an additional explanation here.


      However, when I do that, it will cause my component's height to grow.  I don't want to reserve space for that textbox in the component's dimensions--I would prefer it simply grow (pushing anything below it further down) if and when the textbox appears.


      How would I go about doing this?