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    3.5 to 4.1 Repeater in Grid


      Converting an app from 3.5 to 4.1


      One view has the following structure:




      where the GridRow has three GridItems with width unspecified. Works  fine with SDK 3.x, achieving the goal of columns that are lined up but sized to content.


      But I get an obscure error in 4.x about an expected  rightParen in the generated code. SeriesProvider is the element type of  the Repeater's data provider.

      rnWatcher shouldWriteChildren=true
              watchers[4] = new mx.binding.FunctionReturnWatcher("getString",
                                                                           function():Array { return [ "text", "EVAL", [target.measureLabel(target.reptarget.target.mx_internalgetItemAt(target.repeaterIndices[ 0])SeriesProvider)] ]; },


      The workaround suggested here wouldn't work within a Grid:   

      Any ideas?