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    Mysterious Safari Input Field behind Content

      When creating a Flex Project for the web, the final output will sometimes not resize completely w/ the browser. So a simple gradient background for example, might not resize to fit 100% of the screen w/ every slight resize of the browser window.

      That's, usually not a huge deal, but now it's getting even more weird...

      Maybe I've never noticed it before, but now there's a text input field behind the flash content at the bottom of the page. It's usually hidden if the player does resize correctly, but if you resize slowly enough or fast enough that it doesn't pick up the resize event, you'll see it.

      SOO... where in the world is it?! what is it?! why is it ? etc...

      Being an anal developer every little pixel that's not supposed to be there will bother me.

      Any guesses?

      PS - I'm using:
      Safari - Version 2.0.4 (419.3)
      Flex Builder 3

      Screenshot here: http://danieljsummers.com/mysterious_input_field/mysterious_input_field.jpg
      App (w/ literally nothing in it) here: http://danieljsummers.com/mysterious_input_field/tst.html