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    InDesign can't save this file, file is damaged {Error Code:6}


      For the last 5 months I have had good days & bad days with InDesign CS4.  We use it here at the office and I am the only 1 who is having this problem.  I work on a MacBook Pro, 17" with Snow Leopard.  We have the CS4 package.  I can be typing all day long in InDesign, saving quite a bit (just because I have to) and out of the blue when I attempt to save, it will come up with an error that it can't save a file because it is damaged.  This is something that happens a couple of times per week.

      Things I have tried.  I took my computer to the Apple Genius Bar and they said that it may have something to do with the fact that I was "restarting" my computer and not shutting it down all the way.  So over the course of the last several months I have shut my computer down completely whenever I have had this error, waited a minute and turned it back on.  Still having the problem.

      Last week I was working in Illustrator and it also locked up on me and told me that it was going to shut down.  It got stuck in the "shutting down" mode so I was forced to shut my computer down manually.  When I turned it on later, NONE of my Adobe programs would open.  I uninstalled the complete Creative Suite & reinstalled it.  Even after all of the, still none of the Adobe programs would open.  I wasn't sure what to do at that point so I did a complete erase of my hard drive and reinstalled the operating system along with all of my programs (including the Creative Suite).  Everything worked fine for 4 days.  Today it happened again.  As I was typing in InDesign and went to save it said that I could not save because the file was Damaged and it forced me to shut my whole computer down before I could do anything else.

      I called Apple, they told me it was an Adobe problem

      I called Adobe, they told me to get on the forum

      Please help!