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    Type on Forn

    H Edward

      I've downloaded a form into Adobe Reader.  I would like to fill out the form online and either email it or print it.  Can I do this?  How?

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can't do that with Adobe Reader unless the person that created the form has added fillable form fields.




          It should have given you a message if that were the case but to double check,choose the hand tool and mouse over the areas that look fillable. If they are fillable, the hand tool will turn in to an i-beam.

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            H Edward Level 1

            Thanks - Apparently the forms I can open have not been setup to allow typing on them.  Do you know of any way to activate typing permission?  I think I have filled out forms in the past.  Do you know of any other way this can be done?  Thanks again, H Edward

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              If i have an existing PDF form, is it possible to edit that form and add editable fileds/areas.  Or do i have to create the form from scrach to allow for that.  Sorry to throw this on your thread but it was more in-line with what i was looking for, thanks!   

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                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The answer to both of you is yes, it can be done.


                But not with Reader.


                You can have a PDF of a form and, using Adobe Acrobat, create the fillable fields in that PDF.