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    Browser History & Progress Bar


      I am sorry to ask such a novice question but we are just starting out using AIR and are having a few problems which somebody might be able to explain?


      Background: We have an online Coldfusion-based web application and want to deploy it to clients as an AIR app, rather than them using a browser.  Using just Dreamweaver, we built and exported a very basic app which calls a piece of HTML to display the web application in the 'AIR Browser', but we have encountered some problems.


      - Browser History

      Our web app has browser back/forward buttons as part of the interface but the AIR app does not seem to recognise <a href="javascript:history.back()">

      - how can this be overcome?
      - Network Activity
      Is it possible to add some sort of status bar to show network activity is taking place whilst items are loading?
      - Debugging Option
      Is there any kind of debugging console for AIR (like Firebug) which helps sort out code problems with layout objects?
      - Usernames/Passwords
      AIR does not remember usernames/passwords - is there a way of implementing this so they are stored or saved in some way?
      Are the above just limitations of using Dreamweaver to create the app?  We want to embrace AIR and long term use Flash Builder instead.  What we want to create at this stage is so basic, is there a tutorial or code out there already for building a 'buttonless' browser, with a progress bar, which you can customise for deploying web-based apps?
      Many thanks.
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          Devtron Level 3

          Use "SharedObjects" to store "cookies" on the user machine. There are no such things as cookies in the Adobe world. But "SharedObjects" attempt to solve that...


          and I've never worked with "AIR" but I doubt Javascript would work in a browser-less application. I would imagine it needs to be something more like "Window.back" or "window.previous". Browser calls shouldn't work there, that'd be my guess!

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            matthew_london Level 1

            Many thanks for your reply.  I understood that AIR was leveraging Webkit so Javascript calls should work fine... in theory!


            You can browse each page of HTML in the web app but the history does not seem to be accessible which is odd.  A google search found two other people asking the same thing (wrapping a website up into an AIR app) but with no answer over a year ago!


            We are simply pulling HTML into an AIR app but need to control the browser history.  Is there an easy way to do this just in Flex and we will ditch Dreamweaver for making the AIR app?


            Many thanks.

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              Devtron Level 3

              well I've never worked in AIR, so I really cant say whats what in that area. I would *think* JS calls would not be supported but Adobe likes to surprise me, for both good and bad.


              Try using ExternalInterface....





              like that??