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    Captivate 2  Vista unable to import audio files

      I have had an audio problem with Captivate 2 and Vista -
      There is a hot fix to enable recording which works.I did that ... . but I am unable to import audio files.. even those that came with Captivate 2 in the gallery give me the same error message.. unable to decode & import wav/mp3 file.

      Does anyone have a solution!! Need to do a demo next week!!


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Phil

          I don't suppose using Captivate on Windows XP is an option for you? This would seem to be a Vista related issue. Captivate 2 may work to an extent on Vista, but it would appear this may be one of the "gotchas" one may encounter when using it in this environment.

          The good news is that Captivate 3 was announced today and will work on Vista. I know this doesn't help you immediately, but will provide an answer before too long.

          Cheers... Rick