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    Intel Turbo Boost and rendering


      My new laptop has has an Intel i7-720QM processor which has a base frequency is 1.6Ghz with a Turbo Boost potential of 2.8Ghz. While I'm playing back video in the Premiere CS5 timeline, I see the turbo boost kick in (via the Intel Turbo meter Gadget) to nearly 2.8Ghz. However, while rendering using the Adobe Media Encoder, the turbo boost just sits on 1.6Ghz with an occasional bump to 1.7Ghz. I thought maybe it was because the Turbo Boost frequency is partially dependent on the amount of cores being used, since the Adobe Media Encoder uses all of them. But, I ran the Windows Experience Index and watched as it used all cores and was Turbo Boosting to 2.7Ghz. I'm just wondering if it is normal for the Adobe Media Encoder not to use the Turbo Boost feature, or if its just something in my system.

      System Specs

      Asus N82J laptop, i7-720qm, 4GB ram, nVidia GeForce 335m 1GB, Windows 7 64bit