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    anyone else, big problems latest Quicktime 7.6.8?

    westonwoodbury Level 1

      I think I made the mistake of installing the update via some Apple prompt yesterday.  As I started working in AE CS5 today, I noticed my RAM preview was repeatedly only using 1-core.  Even just playing through with space bar was much quicker of a render.  I thought 'that's strange'..  and restarted the computer.  Still same problem.  Playing with my 'render frames simultaneously' settings, I couldn't get it to do anymore that 1 frame at a time.


      I took a look at what changed recently, and decided to uninstall QT back to the last version.  Going to RAM preview with the older version of QT that used to work properly, it now freezes AE and brings up a number of windows in my task bar for every 'AdobeQTServer' process it opens.  Seems like 1 per CPU but not sure.  In the task manager 'conhost.exe' from system32 also appears for each qtserver/afx exe process.


      Tried going back down 2 versions to QT 7.5.5 and even that didn't work.


      If I uninstall QT and run AE without it, ignore the complaint AE gives, RAM preview works fine, just like normal.


      It seems like the latest QT wrecked AdobeQTServer or something.  Going to try to reinstall AE I guess.


      Hopefully this helps give someone heads up.


      - wb

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          Hey I'm having very similar problems with AE CS5 – it keeps reporting that AdobeQTServer has crashed, and no matter if I say Ignore or Relaunch, it freezes AE. I'm running Quicktime 7.6.9, but you say deleting QT altogether is what works? Or did things work after you reinstalled AE?

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            westonwoodbury Level 1

            Hey Bob,


            I ended up playing with different system restore points and wound up quite a ways back, when I first installed CS5.


            From there I installed only QT 7.5.5, of which on other forums I found (I think creative cow) some said was the most recent "good release".


            It's worked well from there; however, I still see the strange issue that, when I have quicktime installed and export quicktime, only 2 or 3 of my 16 cores seems to get used.  When I had quicktime uninstalled and I export quicktime, it seems to use all of my cores and is much, much faster.  It seems to crutch CS5 on Windows unfortunately; I could definitely understand some Windows based studios that will avoid Quicktime as much as possible, because it appears things are much quicker/more efficient when QT isn't installed or used.


            - wb