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    GTX 460 & Quadro FX 1800 Work?


      Hi, I like editing videos in my spare time and am considering to get CS5 to step up my game. 


      My question is can I use the GTX 460 and Quadro FX 1800?  I currently have the GTX 460 and have been offered the FX 1800 for a fraction of the retail price. If I got the FX 1800, that would be installed on my second computer, and I would try small 3D stuff for the first time.


      I realize these graphics cards are not on Adobe's list of supported cards. Does that mean that the program would not run or the company has never officially tested the program with these cards?  If the program works fine, I would also like to know whether Premiere Pro and After Effects can take advantage of CUDA and OpenGL, respectively.


      I apologize if this is a silly question. I would like to make sure that everything will be fine before diving in.


      Thank you.