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    What's up with Premiere Elements 8.0?


      Hi Adobe fans,

      I just got my Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 last week and I've been trying to get rid of this blue tint that covers every single type of imported media. The wierd thing is that it only appears when I import a picture and a media. As you can see, this makes Adobe Premiere completely useless, and until I fix it I can't use the software.


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          nealeh Level 5

          We'll need more information about your PC, clips and project setting. Work through these basics for us:

          • Install all Windows Updates.

          • Install latest version of Apple QuickTime (v7.6.8 at time of writing). Even if you don't use QuickTime, PRE relies heavily on it.

          • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites.
          • Run Disk Cleanup.
          • Run Defragmenter.
          • Temporarily disable any anti-virus realtime scanning.
          • Use the GSpot Codec Information Utility to analyse the file and post screen image.
          • Post back here with the necessary information described here: Got a Problem? How to Get Started


          An out-of-date QuickTime version is a primary cause of colour tints but for best performance you should work through all of the above.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, what model of camcorder is your video coming from and how are you getting it into your computer?


            It's vital that your Premiere Elements project settings match your source video.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Take a look at this THREAD and all of the links contained. Most users with a teal blue tint have corrected this by installing the latest video driver.


              Good luck,



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                KerimTricic293 Level 1

                Oh Ok, you guys asked for specifics.

                The Camera it was taken from was a Panasonic SDR-H80.

                The PC was a Toshiba Laptop Satellite

                I'm going to go ahead and try to update everything I can.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  With this camcorder, you should only be shooting in XP mode, and you should be using the project settings for a standard definition hard drive or DVD camcorder. (This is very important, or you'll run into interlacing issues.)


                  You should also be loading the video from your camcorder to your computer by attaching your cam to your computer with a USB cable using Premiere Elements Get Media/Hard Drive Camcorder tool to download the video.


                  Because this is non-native video format, you will need to continually render your video as you work. Press Enter whenever a red line appears above your clips on your timeline. When the video is rendered, this red line will turn green.


                  Also, I'm not sure how much space you have on your C drive -- but make sure you always have 30-50 gigabytes of free space and that you defragment that drive regularly.


                  You haven't given us your computer specs, but I assume you have at least a 2.6 ghz dual-core system and 4 gigabytes of RAM.