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    Listen the current URL with Flash  Adobe Air



      I'm new in Adobe Air, I need (urgente!!!) to do a simple widget with Adobe Air that monitors the URLs where I navigate and when I enter to a specific site the widget appears in the front of my screen and display a message. The problem is that I don't know how to listen the current URL of my browser using Adobe air (flash).

      I was trying with HttpStatusEvent but I can figure aut how to retireve the URL from my browser.



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          Jason_Graham Employee Moderator

          An Adobe AIR application runs independently from web browsers.  For something like what you describe to work, an application would need to find a way to interact deliberately with browsers running on the system. The HttpStatusEvent, however, is an event that is listened for when the Adobe AIR application itself is attempting to interact with a URL and receives an HTTP status code, in which case you are already aware of the URL to begin with.