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    A drawing error occurred


      Ok, I have created a PDF using Photoshop, it opens fine on my computer and is 1.6MB in size.


      I upload it to a webpage and every time I go to that page the message 'A Drawing Error Occurred' appears, and it takes a bit of time for the PDF to display properly or at all.


      Any ideas what the problem could be?


      This happens with both Reader and Professional.


      I used the PDF Optimizer to make it smaller, however I doubt this could be causing the problem as I have experienced the problem before without using PDF Optimizer.

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          mozza34 Level 1

          Further to this error, I have found that saving as a 'High Quality Print' PDF in Photoshop seems to cause the error.


          Saving as 'Press Quality' doesn't bring up the 'a drawing error occurred' message, however at certain zoom levels the PDF is blurry?  At 70% and 100% the PDF loses quality.  Any idea why this is?  Again, on my computer the PDF is clear at all zoom levels.


          Any help appreciated.