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    CP5: Multiple slides for single-line text entry recording?

    Tom Tantalus Level 1

      After working with CP5 for few weeks (first time with Captivate at all) I have not yet achieved an understanding for that: how does recording in Captivate 5 work for text entries:


      When recording text entries sometimes the key strokes of a single-line entry are split into several slides, sometimes the key strokes are kept together. How if at all should I control the generation of one single text entry on 1 slide for 1 key stroke sequence?


      If I have got multiple slides for a single-line text entry with short strunks of text entry (sometimes only 1 or 2 characters for 1 slide) on each of them: how if at all should I reconnect the text entries into 1 single slide? (I tried copy and paste for the text entry element from slide 2 to slide 1 but only the complete slide 2 was copied).


      Caused by the numerous text entry splits none of my recordings does result in the recommended project size: the number of slides is easily exceeding 200 and more slides for only a few (3 to 5) minutes of duration.