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    speed of flash animation in Presenter

    ecrystal Level 1
      When I import my .swf file into Presenter, it plays at an accelerated speed. It is a non-interactive .swf file, and I have narration on the slide. No matter how I slow down the flash animation itself, it plays very fast inside the Presenter. Is there a solution? Thank you.
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          robva65 Level 2

          First and foremost, all flash anims need to be configured to run at 30fps.

          Even if your movie authored in Flash is set to run at alternate optimum settings (for ex: 15 or 18 fps), the fact is that by the time you import it onto a slide in PowerPoint and then publish your deck, Presenter will "jack up" the frame rate to match the fps setting of the main swf file (which I think is viewer.swf) that calls the animation that you've built.

          Bottom line: it's just better to start off with 30 fps to begin with so that you can avoid all the extra hassle.

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            catholicon Level 1
            What rob has suggested is correct that its better to have 30fps swf file.

            But the reason is not Presenter changing the frame rate of the flash file. Its flash players behavior to play all the flash files on the same rate as the top movie clip (which in this case is Presenter's viewer.swf and is at 30fps).