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    PE9 loading achdv files no problem, but playing them in preview screen shows lot of distortion


      Hello everyone,


      We bought pe9 to be able to edit hd files. Loading them and editing them works perfectly, But when you play them back in preview screen or full screen the movie is blurred and shows a lot of distortion. This happens to every file we load in PE9, avi, mts, mov etc. When the movie is stopped, the preview screen shows a sharp image, but when playing it starts blurring and becoming unsharp. Rendering does not help. Removing flickering helps a bit, but not enough.

      We tried the solution for the interlacing but it does not help. This way we can't go on!

      When burning them to dvd, same problem still exists.

      Any suggestions?

      When playing the same files in for example Nero, a sharp view is no problem.... how come PE9 distorts the image?


      Best regards,