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    Any chance of using Premier Elements with Premier Pro?

    Taverino Level 2

      I'm a CS5 Production Suite user with a location shoot coming up at which I will only have a small Windows laptop. At the end of each day, I want to copy each day's HDV 1080p footage from CF cards to the laptop to review the footage. I want to create a rough cut and enter a bunch of metadata - no effects, no transitions, just the most basic cutting tasks.


      There are surely dozens of products that I can use for this. But what I really want is, when I get back to my studio, to copy all the files to my desk top and immediately begin the heavy lifting of turning the rough cut into a finished video using PPro, AE, etc. I haven't found anything in the Premiere Elements specs that implies that its projects can be imported into PPro, but, if it did, that would be a solution for this workflow. Any suggestions? Thanks.