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    break in SQL data profile breaking cfhttp


      I am sure that this is a simple fix but I cannot figure it out. I have a cfhttp to an xml script and normally everthing works. However, when someone enters something with a break in it (entered from a textarea field), it is entered into the SQL database under a varchar field and I can see in the data profile that there is clearly a break in the data.


      this is
      another test.

      I have tried the following:

      <cfset message3 = '#Replace(message2, "<br>", "+", "All")#'>
      <cfset message4 = '#Replace(message3, "chr(10)", "+", "All")#'>
      <cfset message5 = '#Replace(message4, "chr(13)", "+", "All")#'>

      And still I see that there is a break instead of a "+" sign. Is there a special SQL hard line break??