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    Working with Audio Premiere as well as Exporting to right codec

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      Hey guys,


      Before I explain my problem let me tell you my setup. I have 2 Mac Pros. One is the new 12 core with 20 gb of ram(snow leopard) and 1 Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro with 20 gb ram(snow leoaprd). One the 12 core machine I am using After Effects CS5 to which I do my composting I render the file as the default animation codec with audio. I import the footage into Premiere CS5, which is on the 8 core early 2008 mac pro which has a 1gb ATI card so not Mercury engine capable, He has problems with it crashing when trying to keyframe and applying effects to the audio. Also as a test we render a sequence and there are drops in audio when in fact there are none in the sequence. What could be causing this? This is concerning because this small 9 minute sequence is only part of a short kids movie for our church which we shot in HDV 720p footage via a Sony FX1000. There will be many sequences that will make up about a hour and 15 minute movie. Should we render the sequences that make up the movie with the changes in audio, Import back into premiere that then piece them together with transitions to put out the final product, or should we, which I was thinking we could do is just use the sequences as they are and put them together? Or this why we are having so many problems? Sorry for the long explanation. I just wanted to be thorough. The editor is new to premiere, he used speed edit by Video Toaster for years. I have used After Effects for a few years now.