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    trial expired

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      I've told several here that entering their valid flex 2.01 serial number
      would stop flex 3 from expiring for several months because that's what I was

      Now I'm seriously under the gun time wise and my flex 3 just expired with my
      valid flex 2 serial number. And to top it all off. Flex 2 won't let me
      import my flex 3 projects.



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          Hi Bill,

          Your 2.0.1 serial number should keep the beta working at least through the end of this summer. It sounds like you were able to get it working, though?

          And yes, FB 2.x can't open FB 3 projects. The project file format is not backwards compatible. So if you want the option to go back to FB 2, be sure to back up all your project dotfiles before importing the project into FB 3.

          - Peter