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    Dynamic link PrePro --> AE, preview problem when back in PrePro

    Mika Järvinen

      Hey all!


      I have tried to find solution by looking manuals and even looking some web-tutorials but I haven't found a way to fix a preview problem. I just want to use dynamic link to remove some noise from my footage (remove grain). Everything goes nice until I would like to go back to PrePro. The preview is not possible or it is very stuttery.


      I have used RAMpreview in AE but I wonder if I should just add that file to a rendering queue and make that as a new file what I could use in PrePro. But then the dynamic link doen't help me at all.


      I know I am doing something wrong, but please don't shoot me for that. Or atleast please tell me what to do first and shoot then! ;-)




      Mika Järvinen


      ps. I am in love with this program: the projects I did earlier on Pre8 took almost 3 days which can now be edited in 3-4 hours because no rendering is needed!