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    Prepping SD footage for a HD project

    Mike Tomei Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I have some SD footage that I need to place in a HD project.  I was  hoping to give you the details and see how you would prep the footage.

      The source of this SD footage is a PAL DVD, and it's interlaced.  The  project time line I'm hoping to place this footage in is DVCPRO HD  720p60 in Premiere Pro CS5 on a PC.  Pillar boxing the SD footage is  just fine.  My eventual export format will be a Quicktime file using the  DVCPRO HD 720p60 codec.

      I've heard Telestream Episode handles PAL conversions very well, but I  don't have access to that program.  My only options are After Effects, Red Giant's Instant HD plugin, Adobe Media  Encoder, Handbrake and MPEG Streamclip.

      Given these resources, how would you prep this footage for this project?

      Thanks for the help!

      Mike Tomei