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    Best practices and Troubleshooting

    Marcos J Pinto Level 1



      We are currently working on a project opportunity in which the client will use LiveCycle Designer to create a couple of thousand forms and submit them to LC Reader Extensions. There will be a team of people working on the forms, etc.


      As part of the business deal we are being asked to teach them how to use LC Designer and Reader Externions, PLUS they´re asking us to include information concerning "best practices" and "troubleshooting" for their system administrators.


      Well, I think LC Reader Extensions is simple enough, but I may be completely wrong here...


      So... I was wondering if someone could help me with this - are there "best practices" when working with such a setup? What about troubleshooting? I think their concern is related to the server adm side of the thing.


      Any ideas?