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    Syntax Coloring Not Functioning

    daniel-son Level 1
      Hello All,

      For some reason my code is not colored as it should be. I'm using Dreamweaver 8 on a Windows XP.

      I have tried to enable it by going to "View > Code View Options > Syntax Coloring, but a check never appears indicating that Syntax Coloring has been enabled. The "Syntax Coloring" option isn't grayed out, so it should allow me to select it, but it just doesn't.

      My preferences for code coloring for all document types are set to their defaults.

      It is not because of un-closed tags or any error in the code, this problem happens in all the default documents that Dreamweaver ships with.

      I even did a "repair" re-install but still no change.

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.