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    locking items

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      I'm adding pages to a document but I want to keep some items on de master page (I don't want them to be put on the real pages).

      The "V-lijn" is a vertical line and the footer is a group of objects that form a footer on each page. Sometime I need to change the footer, but all the items on the master page get copied onto the "real" pages, so I have to correct each page.

      Can this be avoided?

      I'm working in CS5 windows XP and javascript. Below a little portion out of the script



      function voeg_paginas_toe(){


      for (i=0; i<aantal_paginas; i++) {

      pagina = app.activeDocument.pages.add();

      pagina.appliedMaster = app.activeDocument.masterSpreads.item("C-inside");



      for (j=0; j<app.activeDocument.pages.length; j++) {


      master_pagina_items = app.activeDocument.pages.item(j).masterPageItems;


      for (k=0; k<master_pagina_items.length; k++) {

      if (master_pagina_items[k].label != "V-lijn" &&

      master_pagina_items[k].label != "footer") {








      thx already