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    Why no playback?

    gagrinds Level 1

      I am debugging an exporter that I have run through a code checker.  I fixed a number of problems and loaded the new exporter.  However, when I got into Premiere Pro(c) CS5, I noticed that no video will play in any window.  All of the video effects work, but I can only get a display window to update by dragging the cursor along the timeline in the source or program window.  If I try to export anything, it fails because all of the render parameters come back with zeros for height, width, framerate, etc.


      Obviously, what ever does the rendering is not working.  I have tried removing all of the Premiere software and reinstalled it.  I removed all of the presets and workspaces.  Nothing seems to help.  I am running on Windows 7 (64 bit) on a Dell Precision M4400 laptop with 4 gigabytes of memory.  My graphics card is a Nvidia Quadro FX 770M.  I am trying to display in a SD DV (720 by 480) environment.


      Does anyone have a clue why it will not play a video in any window?