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    Trackball (Mechanical Interface) doubts

    sinopsis Level 1

      Hi all! (and excuse my english)


      I have some doubts with trackball sphere mechanism as future interface for my Shockwave 3d "planet earth". In future, my client will plug a "trackball sphere" physical interface to use instead mouse. This will only be an sphere, and no click button will available there (no drag, only move), in short words "the trackball sphere is the planet in the hands of user". My question is about cursor: always my planet must be moved by trackball (using cursor moves detection, i supose), but ,what about mouse coordinates? If user moves and moves a lot the trackball mechanism, my system will continue working fine, even when cursor be thousands of pixels out of stage?. I must relocate cursor to stage everymoment?.


      Il be glad to ear some related experiences about "trackballs"

      Tks in advance.!