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    What is the purpose of photoshop elements organizer?

    Big Al Woodley

      Hi All,


      I have prE8 and photoshop cs4.  My computer has been struggling lately so I have been disabling a few processes.  I disabled my Pr Elements organizer, but photoshop elements organizer is still running.  What I dont get is why I have Photoshop elements organizer in the first place?  Does it come with cs4 or prE 8?  What is this organizer for and how do I disable it.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Elements Organizer comes bundled with Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements.


          The CS4 equivalent would be the Bridge, although they're actually very different.


          I detail in my books all the functions of the Organizer and how to use it. But, basically:


          1) It's a media file management system

          2) It allows you to search and catalog your media files based on a number of criteria -- both general and very specific

          3) It includes a basic photo editor

          4) It includes automatic tools for creating a number of project including slideshows, CD cases and even US postage stamps

          5) It includes a number of functions for sharing your media, including interfaces for Facebook, Picasa and Photoshop.com

          6) It is the master control for the media auto-analyzer, a tool which plays a role in Premiere Elements SmartFix tool

          7) it is the master control for online backup of your media files


          If you go to Edit/Preferences, you can turn off any background processes it runs.


          However, there's no point in disabling it completely. It doesn't slow you system when it's not running, and it does share functions with Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements.