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    Flash movie not playing in Catalyst


      I'm a novice to FC, but have some website design experience.


      With that said, I'm having a hard time figuring my problem out. I created a interactive tour for the non-profit organization that I work for, everything works perfectly when I preview it in catalyst. However, when I publish it to dreamweaver and import it two things happen when I preview it in a browser. 1. the sound that I have during a mouse over doesn't work. 2. All of my five panels have short 2-3 min. flash movies that will not play.


      If I play the swf in dreamweaver everything works, it's just when I preview it in a browser that it fails. I have tried both the "insert swf" option and the html code. In the html code the sound happens during a mouse over but the videos still won't play. I have tried to look through the flash code but can't find the link to my media. Please, Please help.


      One more note: I have tried to save the movie in both FLV and FL4 format with no luck either way.

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          jimsjeep21 Level 1

          Hi guys it's me again. After looking at the Assets tab in dreamweaver (not my assets folder) I have found that none of my flash or swf files are showing up. Could this be the problem and if so how do I get these files to show up? I've seen other posts that are similar to mine but with no resolution in the end... it there a glitch in the publish or deploy to web setup? I know I've posted a lot of questions I'm just about to pull my hair out and am becoming increasingly frustrated.

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            jimsjeep21 Level 1

            I hate when someone posts and doesn't give the forum the results when they figure it out so here it is.... I talked to a buddy of mine and he suggested using the "run-local" files and that did the trick. I'm not sure why the "deploy to web folder" didn't give me the desired output but I got what I needed through the other files. I hope that helps.

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Jim,


              Due to Flash Player security restrictions, you usually can't use the same SWF file both for previewing locally and for uploading to a website.  Basically, the rule of thumb is:

              • If you're looking at a file:// URL, you need to use the run-local folder's contents
              • If you're looking at an http:// URL, you need to use the deploy-to-web folder's contents


              So, when working locally in Dreamweaver you'll want to use run-local, but then substitute deploy-to-web when you're ready to upload your site to a webserver.  If you want to make sure your substitution worked, you can always upload to a temp "staging" folder on your server and then test it in your browser before going fully live with the content.


              - Peter