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    A question about accessing elements of dinamically created components

      hi, I've created a component called User_Tab. This has a label inside called "label_IDUser";

      Now, the problem is that when I dinamically instantiate the component (on the root), It seems that I cannot change the text property of the label:

      //inside a cicle for (for a=0;a<3;a++){

      this.attachMovie("User_Tab", "mc_UserChannel"+a, this.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:x_Pos, _y:y_Pos});

      this["mc_UserChannel"+a].label_IDUser.text = "Hello";
      //end cicle for
      If i trace the property for the first movie

      trace("ECHO:" + mc_UserChannel0.label_IDUser.text); //

      I get the expected result. But this result DOES NOT DISPLAY IN THE MOVIE (which gets attached but whose label remains empty)...

      Thanks in advance!