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    forcing a RichEditableText focus glow

    smon_ed Level 1

      I am creating some accessibility navigation shortcuts for an application and notice that the RichEditableText component (editable=false) has a glow when tabbing to it but doesn't have a glow when using AS to set the focus to it.




      Is there something I can do with the RichEditableText component to force it to glow when setting focus with the focusManager to mimic the same way it glows when tabbing on to it?


      Thanks in advance.


      EDIT update:  I was testing using the mouse to press a button, which changes the focus correctly to the RichEditableText component.  The highlight does not occur.  However, When I click the button using the SPACEBAR, the focus changes correctly and the highlight DOES appear!  Which is good news for me.


      I would still like to know if it's possible to force the glow when using a mouse though!