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    Extremely slow esp with stock video clips


      I spent weeks reading the Adobe website and others to make sure I knew what to do before constructing a high end system: Intel i7980x extreme CPU, high end motherboard, 24 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800, SSD boot drive, Win 7 64x. I also installed Quicktime Pro. I don't use the workstation online or with any network, and it's only used for video editing exclusively so it's completely isolated from viruses. I do not have any superfluous software to bog down the machine. It's very lean and well-maintained.


      I purchased the entire CS5 Suite including Premiere Pro. At first everything seemed to work well. Over a couple weeks Premiere Pro has slowed down immensely. The problem is most acute when trying to import stock video clips from iStockphoto and others. They supply .movs that play fine in Quicktime or Windows media. But when I try to import them into Premiere Pro, they display in the bin but will not open in the source monitor. When I try to do so, the system bogs down very slowly. If I pull them directly into the timeline, where they are coded with a yellow bar, I can usually but not always see the clips if I render them. The real time rendering with the Mercury playback engine clearly doesn't work. Something is very wrong with the software.


      Since the stock video clips seemed to work well a couple weeks ago, is it possible Adobe messed something up with their latest software update? I'm about ready to do a fresh install of the entire CS5 out of frustration. Any suggestions? Any suggestions on getting help directly from Adobe?


      From the looks on the forums it seems lots of people are having various problems, some of them somewhat similar to mine.


      Thanks very much, in advance, for any help!!

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          Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

          I have found that H.264 mov files do not respond that well  in Premiere Pro 1.5.1 but, should be Ok in CS5. So if you have an old version of Premiere Elements 4 say , it will Import the H.264 files .Sometimes the codec structure of the files from other application do not equate exactly with Premiere but, Premiere Elements has never failed us. Tryhttp://http://my.creativecow.net/Todd-Kopriva/about he is an Adobe Senior Tech and a bright cookie, better than the online ones in Australia/ Pacific Oceania.



          Good luck



          Ps If that link does not work go to the web address Creative COW which is USA and is a very good tech site

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            shooternz Level 6

            So how does your system run with footage that is not "stock footage from i-stock"?


            Real footage sourced from a camera , graphics (psd) or from synthetic footage ( ie Bars and tone/countdown leaders etc)


            What QT version do you have?

            Why do you download and use movs in a Win system?


            What are your HDDrive specs?  (number/size/Raid...?)



            The real time rendering with the Mercury playback engine clearly doesn't work. Something is very wrong with the software.



            There is no such thing as realtime rendering per se.  The MPE plays  (and edits) appropriate source footage and many effects RT but this is not a render process in the sense of your issue.

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              AOMOVIE Level 1


              Hello, thanks for your quick responses. All other types of footage and stills imports and reads just fine.




              Also, when you purchase stock footage you usually don't have the choice what format it comes in. Seems like .mov is the standard and Mac or Win, that's what you're stuck with.




              New information since my original post, though: I found that importing footage into a new blank project doesn't have the same problem. So somewhere along the way of editing my actual large project something got suddenly corrupted that now causes new imports to essentially crash? I've tried copying and pasting the entire timeline into a new timeline and the problem persists. I'm mystified on why this problem should exist. I didn't do anything exotic to the timeline, add new software plugins, or anything else obvious that might cause issues.




              At least I've figured out it's not the system, nor Premiere Pro installation. But now I have to figure out what it is that happened to my project that suddenly caused the problem. Where previewing .movs in the source window was previously quick and easy, now they won't display and the system hangs for several minutes. If I render the clip, then I can see it play but still never in the source monitor. I went through and deleted all the render files and re-rendered, but that didn't solve the problem.




              I would appreciate any insights anyone can offer, but it looks like I have some long hours ahead trying to figure out how to recover.

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                JaysonM-Y Level 3

                check your  auto save vault(folder). Maybe you can find a version of the project before it got KIA.

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                  AOMOVIE Level 1

                  Thanks JaysonM-Y, that is about the only thing I know to do now. I have been keeping incremental manual backups in addition to autosaves. A few saves back the problem doesn't exist. Very puzzling that suddenly something caused Premiere Pro to go haywire. It's even gotten progressively worse in the latest project file so that pretty much anything I do in Premiere Pro, even switching between windows causes it to hang up with a "(not responding)" notification in Windows for a minute or two. Clearly not right.


                  I've lost a couple days of editing work that I will have to re-do. I wish someone could figure out what caused the problem. I'm suspecting it will return as I continue to work on the project and re-do the work I lost. I guess I will use the old adage "save often" and additionally make separate incremental backups often as well.


                  From reading other posts, I suspect there's something going on with Premiere Pro that's causing a host of different but related symptoms with hangs as projects grow in size and complexity. I hope they are coming up with an update soon that fixes it.


                  I do want to sincerely thank everyone who responded to my question so far!

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                    JaysonM-Y Level 3

                    No problem. I had this problem with a fcp(it could happen in premier... right?) project back 2 years or so. Narrowed it down to something relating to a dynamically linked file or a corrupted DV mov. Strangely enough I also had a DV file that quality automatically degraded to the point of really jaggy and strobey(i know that's not a word) video... I have no idea how that happened. I mean, excellent quality at first then 4 months down, it was like..... UGHHH.....

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                      Powered by Design Level 4

                      Did you download the 5.0.2 update.


                      From what I read it fixed the software bloating issue.




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                        JaysonM-Y Level 3

                        Ah yes, and the project was bloated..... really, really bloated.