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    lightening the shadows?

    mediafred Level 1

      I want to work with an image and I was told by someone else I am working with to keep the light parts the same, but lighten the shadow areas, so I want to do this so it does not change the whole image exposure.


      What is the difference between the Darks and Shadows in the Tone Curve?


      Is this the right way to do what I am trying to do, or is there a better way?

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          Vit Novak Level 3

          You can do it with tone curve, but usually better result can be obtained with fill light slider (it works on different principle), just don't overdo it

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            mediafred Level 1

            What do you mean by it works on a different principle?

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              Vit Novak Level 3

              I don't know the ACR internals, but it looks like it works the similar way as function highlights & shadows in PS, just that you have only one slider here. It is basically an unsharp mask on luma channel with very large radius (PS highlight & shadows default is 30 pixels or so), so shadows are brightened locally, without affecting overall contrast of the picture too much, which would be tha case if you use tone curve and raise its bottom or middle part. All HDR software is working this way


              Of course, you can combine this function with tone curve or brightness slider (which also affect tone curve) until you get most acceptable result