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    Converting SWF/FLA to Quicktime movie help




      I'm having issues converting a semi-old flash file into a quicktime video. I've been moving a lot of work to .mov files lately and off of a flash based file, the conversion actually worked perfectly on a previous video but I can't seem to get it to work on this file. During the conversion it just gets hung up on recording the flash file and I'm forced to cancel. Creating a AVI yields the same result (no that I want a AVI, just saying).


      I thought of a few things that may have been making it act like this, so I deleted things like the play/replay button and what not, but no good. Can Flash not export to a Quicktime if there are Actionscripts present? I'm pretty much at a loss. I've uploaded the full file, untouched from my tampering here. http://www.iamgrafik.com/grafik_flash_002.fla Any insight or help is appreciated. Or if you can convert it out, that'd be great too (bad for me still though, since it's a problem on my end....)