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    Sign a part of a pdf




      I am developing an application and was wondering if it is possible to sign a part of a PDF document. A signature in a certain location would only validate a certain range (e.g.: 1 row in a table). I am facing this problem because the document is edited and changed a couple of times in a timespan of one or more weeks.


      Is this possible or does PDF always sign the entire page / document?


      If it isn't possible, what happens if you sign a document, modify it (draw some extra text on it), then sign it on a different part. 1 valid and 1 invalid signature?



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          Filip.vh Level 1

          Apperently Adobe PDF has some sort of built in versioning system. You can check per autograph what the document was like at the moment it was signed.


          I'll settle with that, as only signing a part of the pdf is most likely impossible.



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