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    Named Anchors and the HTML doc


      Normally, when using the the default "Flash Only" setting in the HTML publish settings, you can set the dimensions to 100 x 100 percent.  This will make the Flash movie fill the browser window and resize with the browser.


      I'm using named anchors and am using the "Flash with Named Anchors" setting in the HTML publish settings.  Everything else is the same as when I use the "Flash Only" template.  However, when I publish this HTML document it is not filling the browser window correctly.  Instead, the movie is being displayed as if I had set the movie size to 100 x 100 pixels instead of percent.  In other words, the Flash movie is squeezed into a size of 100 x 100 pixels.  Something is causing it to misinterpret percent as pixels.


      I've looked at the HTML document and it correctly says width="100%" height="100%".  This problem occurs in Firefox 3.6.  Everything displays correctly in IE8 and Safari 5.  Thank you in advance to anybody with advice or a solution.