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    Spark TextInput text highlight colour (or making spark and mx components look the same)


      I'm using a mix of spark and mx components. Really, I'd love to use only spark, but I need dateField components too, and these are only spark. The issue I'm having is to have a common look amongst the various components and this is not quite the case when it comes to highlighting text in a textInput (or DateField, or NumericStepper, or ComboBox, etc). Spark components default to black fonts and blueish highlight. mx default to black on white for non-selected and white on black for selected.


      I looked around for hours and sort of gave up on making mx look like spark, although I like the spark look much better (although would love to hear if anything new has come up with flex 4 for this). I assumed that at least making spark look like mx would be easy. But is it?


      I know how to change the color for the highlight (i.e. the background part) using focusedTextSelectionColor. What I can't find is the same for the fonts, i.e. something like focusedSelectedFontColor. But I'm sure it exists. It must, right?


      anyway, would love any pointers you can spare.


      thank you!