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    Importing Still photos

    Jarliei Level 1

      I want to embed twenty photos (stills) into the Timeline.

      In Sequence / New Bin / I have created “Stills” bin.

      I have imported from the Media Browser panel into the newly created Stills bin in the Project Panel.

      Also imported using the blank space at the bottom of the Project Panel into the new Still bin.

      Also imported via File / Import.

      In all of the three scenarios, after completing the importing task, the Project Panel display all the names of all the photos.


      All the photos are the same as the first imported photo.

      I have then tested with another bunch of photos from a different directory, the same thing is happening.

      Closeing the project / Restarting made no difference.

      Any idea what am I doing wrong?

      Many thanks.

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          JaysonM-Y Level 3

          This question was asked a week or two back.... lemmi see if i can find it....


          ah.. HERE http://forums.adobe.com/thread/730233

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            Jarliei Level 1


            thanks, Hunt article seem to have the answer in it, I am going through it now. any idea what shall I reduce the images to when using PAL?

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              JaysonM-Y Level 3

              I know the general thought is to make the pic the height of your sequence, but even tho I work in NTSC which is 480i I always give myself some head room of almost double ... even made a photoshop droplet to automate that task for me. You could possibly just make your pics 110% larger than 571 in height... which would be 634 I think.... i is nut guud wif mapht.

              Also you might wanna make that photoshop droplet...

              Correction: Just checked my droplet and the height is automated to scale height to 720 pixels and save as .png. Because jpg sucks when working with video.

              Picture 1.png

              now that I look at it, the command is wrong... it should be 'Open as Smart Object. When clients give you .gif files, the only way you can make specific adjustments is to convert em to a smart object and the only way to do that to a .gif is to open as Smart Object or use the Place... feature.

              More like this...

              Picture 6.png

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                Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                Well I can only relate to our experience, it is always in High Definition 1920 x 1080i  but, if you don't want to cut of heads or get the whole shot in , go to 1850 pixels  x ?


                It does look like broadcast quality when viewed on a Sony HD Bravia 1920 x 1080i using the HDMI terminal for tape and a Blu-ray player for the disc, you will lose something going to DVD. Anyhow you will work it out to suit you .


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                  Jarliei Level 1

                  I am very new to all this, so trying to make heads or tails out of it, and reading Hunt in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/730233

                  it follows that the setting should be PAL 4:3  768 x 576 then I add to this your recomended +10% or there about. am I on the right track?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I normally will Scale to exactly what my Project's Frame Size is, with matching PAR. If the PAR change causes any distortion, from the Square Pixels of the still, I will then size by pixels and Crop if necessary. I try to keep from using PrPro for any Scaling, though I have been told that the Scaling algorithms in CS5 have been improved upon. If one is working with an HD/Square Pixel Project, the PAR will be fine.


                    If I need to Pan, on a Zoomed out image, I will calculate the necessary size, and Scale to that in PS. This might lead to having, say 90% of my images exactly matching my Project's Frame Size, and then perhaps several variations for the reminder, to match what I need for the animation. Still, with the Actions in PS (or Droplets, or Scripting), it's easy to do different sizes.


                    I also keep all of my images in PSD format, as that is what I am working with, whether from RAW images, PSD's, or especially JPEG's, as I do not want to re-JPEG any image, but others do not see the JPEG compression artifacts, that I do. I'm just not a fan of JPEG.


                    Hope that helps, and good luck,



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                      Jarliei Level 1

                      Yes, it is all as per your article, but freighting to say the least. As I am new to all this experience I find it daunting, PrPro CS5 is intimidating at the best of times let alone coming to grips with something new - PhotoShop and the technical concept of visual presentation without overindulging in the nuts and bolts. I’ll probably be pushing daisies by the time I get somewhere with my project. I wish that somewhere there was a “Do This” centred on Production and Tech understanding (for the general public) rather than the other way around – for the professional.

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                        Level 4


                        All the photos are the same as the first imported photo.


                        you mean the duration ( time ) of the photos on the timeline when you put them in there ?  That's a result of a "preference" setting in the program that you can change at will..

                        And you can also change the duration by dragging the photo to the duration you want or by changing the number in "duration/time" of the photo...  format is hours, mins, seconds, frames....


                        is that what you mean ?   Don't be worried about what you're asking at all... we love to help...



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                          Jarliei Level 1


                          Thanks, not exactly, my problem is best described in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/730233  dealing with different photos when inserted into the time line but all photos remain the same. Hunt described and explains it perfectly as to why is it happening and how to fix it. As for myself, being totally inexperienced with PrPro I am struggling with comprehension let alone implementation. Last night was the first time that I opened Photoshop, Shivers! I shut it down immediately. This morning I am as baffled as yesterday.

                          Sometimes I wonder if my ignorance is an hindrance to the forum, I understand that one way of learning is a complete immersion in the ways, buts and means of understanding the problem which of course it is informative and educational, but many moons ago when I thought my daughter how to drive I said “…now we are getting to the corner…wait a bit….now turn the steering wheel …. steadily and slowly… never mind what the wheels are doing…just turn the steering wheel”. Get it?

                          BTW, I should have said “just turn the steering wheel to the RIGHT” - Assumptions tends to bend egos, cars and fences.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Don't let the task of using these wonderful programs intimidate you. With a bit of experience, they are quite easy. That said, I still feel a bit overwhelmed, when I open up AfterEffects, and I have been using it for years - just not at the same level as PS and PrPro, and not nearly so often. Each Project becomes easier - I promise.


                            Good luck,



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                              Jarliei Level 1


                              Each Project becomes easier - I promise.

                              as I was saying in my other post http://forums.adobe.com/message/3221649#3221649

                              "Great to see a computer screen occasionally flashes with humour and witticism."