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    Server side signature


      Is there a LC process example where a signature is applied to a PDF "server side", with a configured HSM?


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          SForrest96 Level 4

          I am not aware of any examples that illustrate signing a PDF with a credential stored on an HSM.  What are you looking for, to see it work, or the required configuration settings to allow for LiveCycle to communicate with an HSM?  The required configuration will vary depending on which HSM you are using (nCipher, SafeNe)t, and the configuration of the HSM itself.


          From an example point of view, there is nothing to see, meaning you pass a PDF into a process and it is returned signed.  You can't tell if the signature was produced via a credential on an HSM or a credential stored in the trust store.



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            sand10 Level 1

            Thanks for the informations. The HSM connection is ok.  This is what LC admin interface reports and we can see in LC informations extracted form the certificate stored in the HSM. We where looking for a simple process example  where a PDF is signed using this credential (we are newcomer in LC).

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              SForrest96 Level 4

              I have posted two screen shots.  One is the property settings for the "Sign Signature Field" operation, the other is for the "Certify PDF" operation.  These operations are added to a process using LiveCycle Workbench.


              Take note of the "Signing Credential" alias, this value is populated from the Trust Store, it needs to be set to the alias you configured for the HSM credential that you wish to sign with.


              Hope this helps.


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                sand10 Level 1


                We modified one of the example workflow adding the signature field and the signature action. The HSM signed the document.

                Thank you for your support.