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    Cross Dissolve not working on clips with opacity changes

    Jeremy Sawatzky Level 1

      I have a clip that i want to cross dissolve into the next clip. This normaly works fine. The first clip has normal opacity ups and downs but it ends at 100% before cross dissolving into the next clip. When i leave the opacity effect on, the cross dissolve doesnt work at all and cuts the video out completly during its duration. either showing the clip in the video track below it or just a black screen. - this transfers into the export as well. if i turn off the clips opacity effect, the cross dissolve works fine. it seems like a strange bug to me. how it just suddenly started happening. Now if i turn off the mercury playback engine and go software only it works fine. (with opacity effects on and off) and exports fine. Im using a gtx 480. i realize this card is not supported as off yet but this was all working perfectly before. I can just mix the clips the old fashioned way for now as a quick fix but id like for this to work. Thanks