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    Streaming sound problems!!! actionscript 2



      hope someone could help me... forgive my language, swedish as I am.

      I have managed to do a swf, which i´ve published on this site: www.leyla.se


      The problem is that all sounds, it´s a total of 320 sounds, doesn´t load properly.

      I´m not very good at coding, all i´ve done is to search information on the web. So when these problems ocurre, i´m totally lost.

      i´ll try to describe my coding:


      To identify the sounds:

      if (rovi == undefined) {
          rovi = new Sound();
          rovi.loadSound("sagor/rovi.mp3", true);
      rovi.onSoundComplete = function() {
          var_musicisplayed = false;

      on buttons:

          if(var_musicisplayed != true){
              var_musicisplayed = true;


      They are functioning randomly. when the first page is loaded, usually it doesn´t work to play the sounds in the alfabet. BUT if you go to the tales (CIROK in the menu) and play a sound there, and go back to the alfabet, it usually work.

      Are there too many sounds for the streaming to work properly??? is that a fact?


      Question nr 2:

      On the page DENGE TIPAN the 7 pages with different words, is placed inside a movie clip. How am i supposed to code these buttons to get them to work?

      now they have this:

          if(this._parent.var_musicisplayed != true){
              this._parent.var_musicisplayed = true;

      and the identification code is placed in the parent scene. should i have the identification codes inside the movieclip aswell?? or use onother code on the buttons??

      the strange thing is that the swf works when I play it on my harddrive, but not on the site.


      Well, that´s kind of the short version, I´ll begin with that.

      THANK YOU if you have read this far.