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    Delay in Receiving chat text in P2P app


      It may sound weird but i am facing problems of delay in receiving text chat in Stratus. I have to create a real time application for the client. The application uses FMS to track the users who are on line.The problem was, for the first connection established,the application goes well. But when one user disconnects and refreshes his page and again hits connect,the real problem starts.The connection is established and the video and sound is good. But when the chat is sent from other end ,they don't appear on the chat screen of the refreshed page.After a delay of some time(not specific) we get the chat(all of them at a time) on the chat window. Could not get the cause- Is it due to FMS tracking of user's peer id or a inherent problem of stratus connection. Tried to google out but couldn' t find any reasonable answers. Please help.