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    icc profiles


      First - a bit of background to my problem:


      Working in an IT secured company (with many satellite studios off-site) I have been tasked to bring each of the designers/artworkers etc., into line with regards to colour managed adobe suite.


      Suffice it to say I have created some Adobe colour Settings that can manage the entire suite via Bridge. I have also tested and decided which CMYk/RGB profiles best suit each environment - bearing in mind that the end result is to send a print ready PDF to print production where it will be proofed and passed on.


      However - due to the lock down of OS folders (color sync, application support folder etc) I cannot put each of the files needed into the folders that they would ordinarily sit in. I can create a desktop folder and place them there. Then visit each of the Adobe programmes and point the colour setting to the .csf file in that folder and it picks up the icc profiles etc. However when an existing file is opened (indesign, image, graphic) a pop up window notifies the user that the profile attached to the document differs from the working space. Do you wish to leave unchanged or change to the working space?) I would like to change the document to the new, managed, working colour spaces. But the drop down menu in the pop up window doesn't show the icc profiles (because they aren't in the colour sync folder.)


      My question is, how can I get the icc profiles to show up in the list of profiles if I can't put them in the colour sync folder (because of security constraints)?





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          MJOrts Level 3

          Hi Keith,


          Is it possible for these profiles to be placed in the ColorSync profiles folder within the user library instead of the system library?


          /Users/(name of user account on mac computer)/Library/ColorSync/Profiles


          Would you mind mentioning your Creative Suite version and the Mac OS version you're using?  That might help others offer better advice if this doesn't work for you.

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            keithw416 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. I've already thought of that but the problem is that IT want to lock studio members out of pretty much anything that would allow them to make a change to the system.


            The studios are based across the UK and run both CS 3 & 4. They all run leopard.


            Whilst I understand the need for security from and IT perspective. I still need the system and software to be able to access data in order to populate the menus within indesign etc.