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    Cannot open embedded links to jpeg, doc or other files




      I'm new here in this forum and I already searched for that, but all I found were threads like "Why are word files opened within Adobe Reader" or "How to convert word to PDF files?", so I started a new Thread.


      My problem is the following: my company recently upgraded from Adobe Reader 9.3 or Reader 8 (don't know exactly) to Adobe Reader 9.4. After this upgrade a problem with linking in PDF-Files came up: Any link to a PDF-File still works, but links to other file, such as word, jpg or so stopped working.


      So I searched the whole Internet for this, and still couldn't find a solution. The only thing I read that I thought it would be helpful was, that Adobe fixed a critical issue regarding attachments. So I unchanged the changes from my administrators (the registry changes that are a workaround for that problem), but it still doesn't work. If I open the same PDF in the browser (IE7), the links are working.


      I hope someone can help me here.